NanoBubble Generator 110M

NanoBubble Generator Model : HPF+ 110M
1φ220 VAC Power :1.10 kW (1.5 HP)

1. Aquaculture 
    1.1 RAS System
    1.2 Pond type
2. Agriculture
3. Hydroponics
4. Aqua phonics
5. Waste Water Treatment

Description Specification
Dimensions  653 (W) x 300 (D) x 400 (H) mm
Weight  Approx. 30Kg
Inlet/Outlet connector  32mm (1 1/8") dia /25mm (1') dia
Power Supply  Single phase* 220V*50HZ
Power comsumption  1.5hp (1.1KW)
Priciple of Bubble Generation  Pressurized Dissolutions Method (PDM)
Water temperature  5 to 60 deg C
Bubble Size  50nm - 250nm (80%)
Water type  Fresh Water and Marine water
Output  4.0m3/hr

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